Spirit of 212 can solve Muslims economic, social issues

Central Board of al-Irsyad al-Islamiyah's chairman KH Abdullah Djaidi stated his appreciation on 212 rally reunion held in Monas area, Jakarta, on Saturday (December 2).

He said, the event has proved strong motivation of Indonesian Muslims to unite.

"The reunion has showed Indonesian Muslims spirit of brotherhood and unity," he said to Republika.co.id, on Sunday (December 3).

He assessed, Muslims spirit and concern has not diminished even though Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) has been sentenced two years of imprisonment over blasphemy.

The spirit of 212 rally on December 2, 2016 made Muslims more concern to remind of the ruling government.

Nevertheless, he asked Muslims not to focused only on governship related issues.

He reminded, Muslims has to lie eyes on economic and social issues.

"The big power created from 212 reunion could be capitalized to develop Muslims economy. If those activists are willing to develop economy in their own region, it will be great," he remarked.

Kiai Abdullah said, Muslims have been the object of economic development. Meanwhile, non-Muslims have been succeded in develop long term economic power.

"The people who participated in 212 rally reunion have to initiate Muslims economic development. It must be done collectively," he said.


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